BrandTypeMax. ØDMax. ØD over carriageMax. lengthRemark
OkumaLU300300 mm600 mm
OkumaLU15-M300 mm600 mmDriven tool + ROBOJOB automatic loading
Mori SeikiNZL2500-600Y400 mm600 mmDriven tool + Y-axis
Mori SeikiNZL2500-1000Y400 mm1000 mmDriven tool + Y-axis
DMG-MoriNZX2500-1000400 mm1000 mmDriven tool
Mori SeikiSL 403 B 2000550 mm2000 mm
BoehringerVDF 400 C800 mm710 mm3000 mm
Mori SeikiSL 603 C 2000930 mm2000 mm
Mori SeikiSL 603 C 3000930 mm3000 mm


HedeliusAcura 65EL700 mm650 mm600 mm5-axis (simultaneous) + BMO titanium automatic loading
HedeliusAcura 85900 mm850 mm700 mm5-axis (simultaneous)
HurcoVMX 421060 mm610 mm610 mmVertical
UnisignUnivers 40001600 mm600 mm500 mmVertical
UnisignUnivers 40001600 mm600 mm500 mmVertical
HedeliusAcura 65700 mm650 mm600 mm5-axis (simultaneous)
UnisignUnipent 40001000 mm1000 mm600 mm5-axis (simultaneous)
CMECME 80008000 mm1200 mm1500 mm
TOS-VarnsdorfWHQ1800 mm1250 mm1250 mm
DMG-MoriDMF360-113600 mm1100 mm1000 mm5-axis
Processing methodsDescription
 AssemblyVersatile assembly department for assembling your products.
 Conventional turningMachines in the size range up to Ø500 and length 1500 mm, all equipped with digital readout.
 Conventional milling and drillingVarious conventional milling and drilling machines in sizes up to (X-Y-Z) 1000x400x450 mm.
 Surface grindingSurface grinders up to (X-Y-Z) 800x400x400 mm.
 QualityConditioned metrological department
Wenzel LH1210/2000 X3M25, size(X-Y-Z) 1200x1000x2000 mm (Smelt Drunen)
FARO Gage measuring arm, with a spherical measuring range of 1200 mm.
 WeldingCertified welders for MIG/MAG-, TIG- en elektrode welding.
 Lifting capacityOverhead cranes 1x 10000 kg, 4x 6300 kg, 1x 3200 kg.
 TransportationVW Crafter 6000x2500mm payload 4000 kg.
VW Caddy 600 kg.

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