Our turning group has modern, accurate machines that we use for working various types of material. Unmanned 24/7 production with robot loading is possible for larger series. Have a look at our list of machines here.

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Our milling group consists of horizontal and vertical CNC milling machines, as well as several 5-axis machining centres that can handle both small and large sizes. From simple machining to milling complex shapes of difficult materials: everything is possible. Have a look at our list of machines here.

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We can provide certified welding (MIG, MAG, TIG and electrode) whereby we guarantee the safety of the welding process through a WPS and WPQ. We supply welded compositions and take care of the finishing.

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We have extensive experience in the assembly and functional testing of various projects. As a system supplier, we ensure that the necessary parts are purchased in time for the assembly. We assemble your products with the highest care and professionalism.

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Delivering quality is a continuous process. That is why we always keep developing. Our business processes and the quality system are ISO 9001:2015-certified. We can supply products with 3.1 and 3.2 certifications from nearly all classes of agencies. Our team consists of excellent, qualified professionals, ranging from “old hands” with a lot of experience to young, ambitious talents in training. As a matter of fact, Smelt is a recognised training company that offers courses via Kenteq. We have an excellent reputation as a reliable partner for the supply of machine parts.

Inspection tools

During the manufacturing process, we continuously conduct interim inspections to manage and monitor the agreed quality level of your product. Before delivery, we inspect all products in our modern, conditioned measuring room. All measuring tools are calibrated, and 3D-measuring is possible. Our qualified employees leave nothing to chance!



We have extensive experience in the shipping sector. As long as we have been in business, we have been supplying a wide range of complex components for large seagoing vessels and other ships, such as inland navigation vessels, luxury yachts, cruise ships and submarines. On behalf of several customers, we produced various components for the construction of the largest ship in the world: the ‘Pioneering Spirit’! We have a lot of experience in repair and overhaul work. We translate material specifications from the past into contemporary quality.


During our existence, we have continued to evolve in response to the ever-higher standards of quality in the sector. We produce components for a variety of applications, such as jack-ups, mobile units, cranes, hydraulic tools and windmills. We achieved a strong competitive position through direct cooperation with several foundries and forges in Europe.

Mechanical engineering

For the mechanical engineering sector, we take care of extreme productions. In this sector, it is important that we can create complex shapes out of difficult materials or deliver large series within a few days via unmanned production. We make parts and assemblies for construction and overhaul installations, such as bearing housings, idlers and various abrasion-resistant parts.

We like to think along and take a proactive approach to product innovation!


We are perfectly attuned to the needs of the construction sector. Especially in this sector, we contribute to current innovative developments and the demand for increased sustainability by delivering custom solutions.

Demolition and recycling

We produce various heavy-duty construction parts for hydraulic cutters and demolition and sorting grapplers for leading customers in Europe. For this sector, we machine welded compositions and hard, abrasion-resistant plates. We also deliver hardened axles, eccentrics and bearing housings, among other things, by the customer’s specifications.

Process industry

Because of its strict safety and hygiene guidelines, the process industry puts high demands on the materials used for the required components. With an extensive machine pool and a lot of experience, we can provide custom solutions for both newly constructed and revised installations in this sector. We can machine the refractory and exotic materials used in this sector (such as RVS316, duplex and super-duplex) with a high degree of accuracy.


The hydraulics sector is always developing, as a result of which priorities change constantly. Since quality is paramount to us, we can always deliver the necessary high-quality components to meet the high requirements in this sector. What started once as the delivery of small, simple parts like pistons and flanges has grown into the production of a variety of large complex components. We have extensive experience with the production of cylinder casings, piston rods, cylinder heads and rod eyes, entirely by customer specifications. Together with our customers, we are working on innovative projects.

Transport and logistics

Various national and international businesses in the logistics sector are among our customers. Together with these customers, we are working on smart applications to make our living environment more comfortable, more sustainable and safer. Among other things, we deliver parts for innovative steering and suspension solutions and for noise-reduction systems. Our proactive approach is very much appreciated.

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